Support our Seminarian!

Grace Alworth has been with us for many years and has served in many capacities, including teaching confirmation and supply preaching. Grace has a Master of Arts in theology from Luther Seminary, and has long felt a call to ordained ministry but was unable to pursue it…

…until now! Luther Seminary is currently offering “Jubilee scholarships” to Master of Divinity students, covering all tuition for those students. This has enabled Grace to re-start the candidacy process and pursue her ordination as a pastor.

However, that does not mean her whole seminary education is free. Grace will still have to pay for books and student life fees, along with lost income from returning to school full-time for two years.

Many congregations help their seminarians with school expenses, and our finance team and council have approved covering Grace’s tech fees, student life fee, and book costs. But especially as a small business partner (hooray for Studio 2 Ceramics!) we know that Grace is making a big sacrifice in finishing her degree. That’s why we’re making it possible to give to a special seminarian fund through Grace Lutheran Church, to help Grace meet any other financial needs she and Jim encounter during her time at seminary.

You can make a special gift to the seminarian support fund online here or by check in our Sunday morning offering. Checks can be made out to Grace Lutheran Church with “seminarian support” in the memo line.