Visiting Us

Where are you?

Grace Lutheran Church is located in Grace Center for Community Life: 1500 6th Street NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413. Grace Center occupies the old Holland elementary school and takes up half a city block. Much of Grace Lutheran’s ministry happens at the 5th Street NE side of the building, where you’ll find the sanctuary, the Commons, Little Kitchen Food Shelf, the Multi-Purpose room, and church offices.

Where do I park?

Since January, Grace Center has been under construction. During this time, we encourage you to park in the lot off of 6th Street NE. There are spots reserved for folks with mobility difficulties at the far end of this lot: drive past the first parking area on your left and park by the red shed. 

[An image of Grace Center's south parking lot, accessible from 6th St NE.]

On Sundays, enter the building through Door 2 on 6th Street NE or Door 3 on 5th Street NE. On weekdays, enter through Door 3. If Door 3 is not unlocked, please use the buzzer and someone will help you.

What do I wear?

Some of us come to worship in suit coats and dress pants; some come in jeans and flip-flops. Come as you are!

Where’s the bathroom?

There are two single-stall and physically-accessible restrooms in the Commons, just outside of the sanctuary. Down the hallway and across from the gym there is another single-staff restroom with a changing table.

How long is worship?

Worship lasts about an hour. After worship, we move from our sanctuary into our Multi-Purpose room for treats and fellowship. Want to get a sense of what worship looks and sounds like? Check out the most recent videos on our Facebook page.

Where do my kids go?

We believe children belong in worship. Since children aren’t wired to “sit still” for an hour, we welcome their quiet movement and joyous singing and we encourage their involvement in worship. Clipboards with coloring pages, activity sheets, and blank drawing paper to help kids occupied are available in the back of the sanctuary. A children’s sermon is also part of our Sunday morning routine. And children of any age are welcome to take part in communion— just put out your hands to receive!

Will I have to introduce myself in front of everyone?

Nope! We’ll ask you to wear and make a name tag, if you like, and at least a few of us will probably welcome you with a warm handshake, but that’s it — no announcement required.

Who can receive communion?

We offer communion at every Sunday worship. We serve at the table of Jesus, and believe that all who seek Jesus may receive him. No matter your past or present, your age or gender or race, we welcome you to the Lord’s table alongside us. We set the table with wheat bread, gluten-free crackers, white grape juice, and red wine.