Holy Week at Home

Sunday, March 28, 10am – Palm Sunday Worship with Communion

Thursday, April 1, 6:30pm – Maundy Thursday Meditation with Communion
Friday, April 2, 6:30pm – Good Friday Meditation
Saturday, April 3 – Passion Walks
Saturday, April 3, 7pm – Queer Grace Community Easter Vigil with Communion

Sunday, April 4, 6:30am – Sunrise Meditation
Sunday, April 4, 10am – Easter Sunday Worship with Communion

Joining Worship Online

If you are on Facebook, our church Facebook page can be found at facebook.com/gracenempls. If have a Facebook account and you “Like” our page, you will see a notification on Facebook when we go live for worship. But you do not need a Facebook account to watch the videos! Just go to facebook.com/gracenempls and watch.

You can watch previous worship videos on our Facebook page or by going to gracenempls.org/worshiponline.

Joining Worship by Phone
During any of the worship times, you can dial 312-626-6799. When asked, enter meeting code 908-357-395 and press #.

Preparing for At-Home Worship
When you prepare to watch the live stream or recorded videos, it is helpful to pay attention not only to what you can see and hear, but also your other senses. Some suggestions:
– Sit in a comfortable chair or on the couch.
– Put on slippers or grab a blanket for comfort and warmth.
– Light a candle, especially if it is a good smelling one!
– You are very much welcome to eat your breakfast or dinner, or drink coffee or cocoa or tea, during worship.

Communion At Home
In the beginning, the Christian church was not in a separate church building, but in individuals’ homes. The people prayed and sang together, read Scripture, listened to testimony, and shared their food.

The Lutheran church proclaims that Jesus is fully present for us in the bread and wine of communion. Luther wrote that it had nothing to do with whether a priest or pastor was “good enough” – in fact, he said that all baptized Christians, as members of what he called “the priesthood of all believers,” could baptize and could consecrate communion in an emergency! We are living in very unusual times, and we hunger for the promise of the presence of God. That is why we will continue to eat communion together, at our many kitchen tables, physically separate but still one body of Christ, and surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses.

You are invited to use whatever bread (loaves, crackers, even cookies!) you have available to you. You are welcome to add a cup of juice, milk, wine, or any other liquid to this practice if you like.