Church to Go for September 3, 2017: Romans 8:18-39

Reading: Romans 8:18-39

– Paul names the struggles of the early church and asks: what does our suffering say about God?
– Paul didn’t start this Roman church, but he has many friends there (Romans 16:1-16) and intends to visit soon.
– Have you faced suffering and still felt that God was with you? What happened?
– This letter is Paul’s longest and most dense theologically. Most Bibles list it first, but scholars think it was written last.
– If you wrote your “magnus opus,” what would it be about? Would you want it presented first, or at the end of everything you’ve done?
– When a reading is very dense, interpretation can help. Try reading The Message version of this passage (free online at


Hear Pastor Emmy’s “improv” sermon based on questions from the congregation:


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