Member Bryan Boyce featured in CityPages

Bryan Boyce is putting his money where his mouth is. The 32-year-old Waseca native runs Cow Tipping Press, a two-year-old Minneapolis publishing house that exclusively puts out books by people with disabilities. There are challenges to overcome working with authors who may not have full use of their hands, or who have trouble making words come out the way people are used to hearing them. Boyce takes those challenges as an opportunity, and loves every moment.

– Mike Mullen, “Bryan Boyce: The Publisher

Special Ask for Little Kitchen Food Shelf

The current government shutdown has wide-reaching effects, some of which we are seeing already in our clients at the Little Kitchen Food Shelf. SNAP, WIC, and other food stamp benefits which were in danger have been extended, but only through February, which means by mid-February we are likely to see a rise in clients who are in need of emergency food assistance as their federal and local support dries up.

You can help families in need during this time by supporting the Little Kitchen Food Shelf with financial donations. Give online at

Annual Meeting with Special Breakfast!

On Sunday, January 27th, we’ll celebrate another year in the life of our church!  We’ll recognize our ministries and outreach programs and celebrate all the signs of new and sustaining life at Grace.

During our regular coffee hour time, we’ll have our Annual Meeting — including nominations for new council members, reports from our committees and teams, and looking over our proposed 2018 budget.

Amy and Marko Fields are coordinating a breakfast for us – they’ll have everything taken care of, so we get to sit back and enjoy the good food.
We’ll see you then!

Advent and Christmas Worship Schedule

All are welcome! Bring your family, friends, and guests to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Intergenerational Advent Wreath Making
Sunday, December 2, after worship, 11:15 AM-noon
Kids and adults gather together to make Advent wreaths — a traditional way of counting down to Christmas.

Christmas Program
Sunday, December 16, 10 AM
Our Sunday School children will continue the beloved tradition of retelling the story of Jesus’ birth with singing and a lively sketch during the 10 AM Worship Service.

Stories & Songs of Christmas
Sunday, December 23, 10 AM
Start your Christmas week with us as we sing and read through the classic stories and hymns of Christmas!

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service (with Communion)
Monday, December 24, 4:30 PM
We gather together to hear the story of Christ’s birth.



Advent Devotions, Week Three

Sunday, December 16th
Sometimes the greatest wisdom comes from the mouths of children. The Christmas story in particular puts children at the center: a teenage mother, shepherds young enough to sleep in the fields, angels of all kinds come to sing praises, and of course, a child born in a manger. Join us for worship at 10am for our annual youth Christmas program on this third Sunday of Advent, bring your donations of socks and underwear, and light your third candle today!

Monday, December 17th
This week we remember the shepherds — smelly, dirty, commoners who received the greatest news of all: the birth of Jesus. Who is unexpected and often forgotten in our world today? How do you think they experience good news?

Tuesday, December 18th
The shepherds were interrupted in the midst of their important work of keeping the sheep safe from wolves and thieves. How do you feel when you’re interrupted? Set an intention today to be open to being interrupted, and follow where that interruption sends you!

Wednesday, December 19th
The shepherds’ story in Luke 2:1-20 doesn’t tell us if the shepherds took their sheep with them to the manger. It would have been a lot of work to get them moving, but a lot of danger to leave them behind. What do you think — did they or didn’t they?

Thursday, December 20th
Christmas is only five days away!!! Are you feeling stressed yet??? It’s okay to say no to something when you need to rest and recharge. Find one thing in your calendar that you could say no to, and take that time instead to rest, breathe, and practice joy.

Friday, December 21st
There are many who can’t leave their work behind even for Christmas: doctors and nurses, retail and food service workers, parents and caregivers, and many more. Pray for those who long for rest.

Saturday, December 22nd
Today can be a frantic day in stores and malls. If you’re out and about, make sure to take your time. Drive carefully and be kind to those you meet — especially the overworked employees.