Mary Potter and the Manger of Magnificence

In 2018, Grace Lutheran Church was proud to present the premiere performance of “Mary Potter and the Manger of Magnificence.” Pastor Emmy Kegler and member Jon Hamlow put together a Christmas pageant celebrating the hard work of the wise men — “magi” in Greek, the root word for “magician” — in seeking the Chosen One, the Son of God, the most important baby of all.

Other churches are invited to participate in this delightful parody pageant incorporating many beloved characters from a popular wizarding series, from four characters defined by their bravery, cleverness, inclusion, and craftiness; a narrator with a stack of books unafraid to challenge the assumptions of the day; and a devoted shepherd with a ratty sock leading a flock of giant spiders.

Interested individuals and churches are invited to preview the content here and to request access to full scripts here.