Guest Pastor to Lead RIC Discussion on October 11

AnitaHill2012ALL are invited to join us after our October 11, 2015 worship service for a discussion led by Guest pastor Anita Hill that will focus on scripture relating to RIC (Reconciling in Christ). RIC is a program that recognizes Lutheran congregations that have in place a formal statement of welcome and inclusion to Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) persons. Grace Lutheran began preliminary exploration of what it would mean to become a Reconciling in Christ Congregation with small group discussions back in November of 2014. The discussions were facilitated by church members. They included respectful listening and no agenda or outcome was intended other than to provide an opportunity for the Church Council to hear the perspectives and ideas of members. Plans to proceed with further discussions were stalled when Council attention was drawn to other church matters that included receiving notice that Pastor Craig and Pastor Lori had accepted calls to new areas of ministry in early 2015.

Pastor Anita Hill helped us restart our discussions at an after-worship gathering on August 30, 2015. Pastor Hill is a former Deputy Director of Reconciling Works and has a great deal wisdom and experience in this area. Pastor Hill talked with us about the RIC program in general, shared her personal experiences, described what RIC is all about and why we might want to become an RIC congregation. The October 11 discussion will focus on scripture relating to RIC.