Church to Go for July 23, 2017: Acts 20:7-38

Reading for July 23, 2017: Acts 20:7-38


– Paul heads for Jerusalem — knowing danger awaits!

– What’s with this sleepy kid?
* Paul talks from dinner to midnight
* Eutychus falls asleep — and falls out the window!
* The name “Eutychus” literally means “good luck”

– Paul talks from dinner to dawn — what would you have to talk about for twelve hours straight?

– Paul quotes Jesus: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Except this isn’t in any of the gospels! What do we think should be in the Bible, but isn’t?

– Why is Paul willing to accept his fate and leave for Jerusalem?

– Paul leaves the elders with a prediction of “savage wolves” — reminding them the key message is GRACE. Where has the idea of “grace” meant something in your life?


Listen to the improv sermon based on this story & the congregation’s questions:


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