Whom Shall I Say Sent Me? LGBTQ Worship

Whom Shall I Say Sent Me is a worship service designed for and led by members of the LGBTQ community throughout the Twin Cities.

This worship service will be formed around the many metaphors for God as found in Scripture — including metaphors that are female or even totally ungendered. As lesbian, gay, bisexual/pansexual, trans and gender nonconforming, intersex, asexual, and queer Christians, we can often feel “unnamed” or unseen by images of God that rely on patriarchy, masculinity, and judgment. Our images and names for God can come from the Bible AND they can be enriched by our own experience and knowledge of the world. What does it mean to be named by God, and then in turn, what do our names for God say about the way we value ourselves and one another?

Worship will open with band-led music. Pastor Emmy will be preaching. There will be open time for prayer and meditation, followed by sharing in communion and fellowship time after worship.

All those who affirm and celebrate the lives of queer and trans Christians are welcome.