Companion Animal Ministry

Grace Lutheran Church embraces and recognizes the spiritual connection people share with their companion animals. Our companion animals can teach us how to love in the same way that Jesus talks about love; one that is accepting and unconditional. This ministry serves our community in the following ways:

 Dog and Cat Food

Grace Church’s Little Kitchen Food Shelf distributes food to those in need, including food to feed companion animals. Our food shelf stocks dog and cat food and will gratefully accept donations of unopened bags of food or gently used supplies. Please contact the church (612-788-2444) for more information.

 Vaccination Clinics

Grace Lutheran Church hosted low-cost vaccine clinics in the Spring and the Fall for a number of years. Our last clinic was held in October of 2013. At this time, the clinics have been discontinued and there are no future clinics planned. We can however provide referrals to programs and clinics where low-cost vet services are available. Call 612-788-2444 for more information.