Passion Walks at Grace Lutheran

This year, as we celebrate Holy Week at home, we invite small groups to take a Passion Walk. If you’ve joined our Passion Walks in years past, you may remember how they go: on the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, we take a 2.5 mile walk that retraces the steps of Jesus’ final hours. (You can read more about how the walks have been designed and laid out here.)

Pastor Emmy has laid out the stops throughout Northeast Minneapolis and your at-home worship packets will have a map. The walk starts and ends at Grace Center.

You can take the walk by yourself, gather with family or friends or other Grace Lutheran members, or sign up for a group! There is a sign up option online if you’d like to join a group of others from Grace Lutheran. This is a great way to begin re-gathering with small groups, outdoors, and well spaced out. Friendly dogs are welcome, and please wear your mask!

If you’d like to take the walk by yourself, you can download an hour-long recording that accompanies the walk, recorded by Pastor Emmy and her wife (and their dogs!) last year.

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