Undie Sunday on November 19

We have been invited by THE DRAWER ministry to join them in their collection of new socks and underwear for those in need by hosting an Undie Sunday!

We are invited to bring NEW socks and underwear for men, women, and children who are in need this coming Sunday November 19. Leaders from THE DRAWER will join us after worship to collect and count our offering of socks and underwear, and to take them to community organization that can distribute them directly to those most in need.

Joining with THE DRAWER in providing NEW items for those in deep need is a natural extension of the incredible work already being done in our food shelf.

Please support this ministry by living into our call to clothe those in need, and bring a pack (or more!) of new socks or underwear to worship this Sunday!

Give to the Max Day 2017

Thursday is Give to the Max Day — a day of celebration throughout Minnesota when nonprofits and service organizations campaign for donations through givemn.org, along with fabulous possible prizes like a Golden Ticket of $10,000!

As in past years, you can directly support LKFS through Give to the Max Day. This year, our finance team has also approved a special push for new givers to support our growing LGBTQ+ Worship.

One of the most effective ways to encourage donations on Give to the Max Day is to share a project on your Facebook or other social media. Check our Facebook page for an easy to share post, or write your own!

Breaking Bread: LGBTQ+ Dinner and Worship

For our November worship we gather not only around the communion table but around a full dinner!

Many members of the LGBTQ+ community know what it’s like to not go “home for the holidays.” Along with the usual reasons (travel costs, opening at 5am on Black Friday, multiple families to visit, etc), many of us aren’t welcome or safe sharing a meal with our families of origin.

So for November, we will share a holiday meal together! We’ll have some of the basics along with a few gluten-free and vegan options. Feel free to bring a dish to share, or just bring yourself.

We’ll open with a shorter version of our regular worship, and then move right from communion into a full meal. Worship will start in the multi-purpose room where we regularly have fellowship.

All those who affirm and celebrate the lives of queer and trans Christians are welcome to join us!

Sunday, November 26, 5pm
1500 6th St NE, enter at the purple door

October LGBTQ+ Worship: Stories That Matter

Stories That Matter is our fourth worship service grounded in the experiences of the LGBTQ community and led by its members from throughout the Twin Cities.

At this month’s service we make space for one particular community within the LGBTQ spectrum that is often made invisible — bisexual or pansexual people who are in “straight” relationships or marriages. Many bi and pan people, when they are dating someone of a different gender (for example, a bisexual woman dating a man), feel as if they are less a part of the LGBTQ community. Many bi and pan people, if they speak about their sexuality while in a relationship, are asked “Why does it matter?” We assert that these stories DO matter, and we come together to hear how they have for others.

Worship will open with band-led music. We will have a small panel of bisexual / pansexual people who are currently in different-gender relationships. There will be open time for prayer and meditation, followed by sharing in communion and fellowship time after worship.

All those who affirm and celebrate the lives of queer and trans Christians are welcome to join us.