Racial Justice Workgroup

Our Racial Justice Workgroup began with a small group of committed members attending a local conference on Race and Privilege in 2016. From there we continued to discuss how we understand race, privilege, and justice, and began to plan further educational opportunities for ourselves and for our whole congregation.

The Racial Justice Workgroup invites you to a monthly summer conversation series. Throughout the summer, we will explore three questions:

1. What is the history of race and racial justice?

2. How does that history affect us now?

3. How can we apply what we learn to love our neighbors better?

We will gather after worship during fellowship time, 11:15am-noon. Each event will include suggested readings or videos beforehand, and will have conversations and activities to help us engage with these ideas.

Come and learn with us!


June 10: Racial Injustice in History

Video: RACE: Are We So Different? produced by The American Anthropological Association (AAA) video introduction. Learn about RACE and unlearning racism: www.understandingRACE.org

Reading: “A Revealing Timeline of Race Relations In the U.S.” Oprah.com, www.oprah.com/inspiration/timeline-of-race-relations-in-america.

Article: “A History: The Construction of Race and Racism” Dismantling Racism Project Western States Center from www.westernstatescenter.org.


July 15: Privilege and Institutional Racism

Video: What is Privilege? from Buzzfeed

What did redlining do to Northeast Minneapolis? (interactive map)

August 19: Implicit Bias

PBS Video: Peanut Butter, Jelly, and Racism

Washington Post, “News media offers consistently warped portrayals of black families, study finds

TIME, “Why White Parents Need to Do More Than Talk to Their Kids About Racism


September 23: What Now?

PBS video on combating implicit bias: Make Friends, Tackle Bias

Stanley Nelson’s video for Starbucks’ diversity training:

Sean Connors, “To The Non-Racist White People, Please Just Be The First


Further Reading

Smith, V Chapman. “American Anti-Slavery and Civil Rights Timeline.” Ushistory.org, Independence Hall Association, www.ushistory.org/more/timeline.htm.