Open Streets Northeast!

Open Streets

Open Streets returns to Northeast and we return to our parking lot for another year of celebration and fun!
Like last year we’ll have cool treats & water for anyone who stops by, plus freebies like sidewalk chalk, hand fans, and bubbles!

Stop by our Blessing Booth anytime from 11am-5pm for a pet blessing, a bike blessing, or just a moment for prayer and hope.

Sunday, August 6, 11am – 5pm

Starting With This Scripture: LGBTQ-Led Worship on July 23 at 5pm

We joyfully invite you to join us for our (first of many?) LGBTQ-led evening worship service, Starting With This Scripture. Worship is at 5pm on Sunday, July 23, at Grace Community Center for Life at 1500 6th St NE, Minneapolis MN.

Our worship service is formed around the story of the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8:26-40, whose race, political status, and gender nonconformity should have prevented his inclusion in the Christian church — and instead the apostle Philip is moved to tell him the good news of Jesus and baptize him. As lesbian, gay, bisexual/pansexual, trans and gender nonconforming, intersex, asexual, and queer Christians, many of us have known what it’s like for our sexuality or gender identity to be considered prohibitive to our inclusion in the church. In this story we recognize and celebrate God’s abundant love for *all* — including those whom the “insiders” of the church never thought possible.

Worship will open with band-led music. Our preacher will be Nikole Mitchell, member of the Thursday night preaching team at Woodland Hills Church. There will be open time for prayer and meditation, followed by sharing in communion and fellowship time after worship.

All those who affirm and celebrate the lives of queer and trans Christians are welcome.

LKFS Clothing Swap Benefit!

Clean out your closets and attics and join us for a clothing swap to benefit the Little Kitchen Food Shelf!

Bring your clean & gently used clothing and accessories (shoes, purses, jewelry, etc). We’ll have labeled tables so you can sort your items by size. Then check out what others have brought! We’ll have some changing spaces available if you want to try things on.

Take home anything that works for you. Whatever isn’t claimed will be donated to the Little Kitchen Food Shelf garage sale on Friday and Saturday. This garage sale benefits our no-restrictions no-boundaries food shelf serving up to 800 households per month.

Art at Grace Center during Art-A-Whirl®

Reimagine, Repurpose

Fiber art in two and three dimensions, featuring Debbie Boyles, Nancy Condon, Jennifer Conrad, David Hamlow, Kristin Hoelscher-Schacker and Kate Vinson.

Hours during Art-A-Whirl®: Saturday May 20, 2pm to 7pm; Sunday May 21, Noon to 5pm.

Walk-In hours in May: Monday through Friday by appointment, call 612-788-2444 if you would like to visit. On exhibit through May 31, 2017.



Saturday, May 20th will also be our regular Community Dinner at 5:30pm!


Building a Box City: Interactive All-Ages Community Art

We’ll have art and craft supplies of every kind and tons of cardboard — the rest is up to you! What does a city need? Skyscrapers, houses, a library, a school? How about a waterpark or a zoo or even a dinosaur exhibit? Maybe your kids want to grow up to be firefighters, or animal doctors, or archeologists…. so let’s build a fire station, a vet clinic, and a big box of dirt to dig in. Grab a shoebox (provided) and let’s build an amazing city together!  Sunday, May 21, 12 PM – 5 PM.