Mary Potter and the Manger of Magnificence

In 2018, Grace Lutheran Church was proud to present the premiere performance of “Mary Potter and the Manger of Magnificence.” Pastor Emmy Kegler and member Jon Hamlow put together a Christmas pageant celebrating the hard work of the wise men — “magi” in Greek, the root word for “magician” — in seeking the Chosen One, the Son of God, the most important baby of all.

Other churches are invited to participate in this delightful parody pageant incorporating many beloved characters from a popular wizarding series, from four characters defined by their bravery, cleverness, inclusion, and craftiness; a narrator with a stack of books unafraid to challenge the assumptions of the day; and a devoted shepherd with a ratty sock leading a flock of giant spiders.

Interested individuals and churches are invited to preview the content here and to request access to full scripts here.

Benefit Game Night for LKFS!

Join us for another all-ages game night to benefit the Little Kitchen Food Shelf!

Suggested donation of $5. All proceeds benefit the Little Kitchen Food Shelf, serving up to 600 families a month all across the metro. You can give in person or online at

Feel free to bring games or snacks to share. All board and card games welcome!

Saturday November 25, 2017, 4-7pm

Family Faith on Sept 24 & Oct 1: Prayer Book Making

On September 24 & October 1, during our regular education time, we’ll have the opportunity to come together as one “family” made up of many families (parents and kids, grandparents and great-aunts and grandsons, single folks, couples, and every other shade of family) to explore our faith together.  Faith lived out can look very different from family to family; let’s explore that beautiful diversity of Christian life!

For the next two Sundays, we’ll be making prayer books together! Jennifer Schultz will teach us how to pull our own paper sheets and assemble them into books, while Pastor Emmy will teach about writing prayers and using fancy handwritten fonts.

Join us on Sunday, 11:15am-noon!

Parents’ Night Out

We welcome you to join us for Parents’ Night Out!

PNO is a time for kids ages 4-12 to come together for mac & cheese dinner, fun, crafts, games, and a movie, while parents get a few hours to rest, relax, or even have a fun Friday night out!

Kids will be supervised by church staff and volunteers.  All volunteers are members at Grace Lutheran and have had background checks.

This is a FREE event to benefit our Little Kitchen Food Shelf.  Free will donations to LKFS are gladly accepted online or in person, or you may bring a non-perishable food item to the event if you wish.

Please register by Monday, April 3rd.

We will serve dinner starting at 5pm. Kids can also bring their own dinner if they like, or come having already eaten.

There will be games, crafts, and options for story time.  We’ll close the evening with a movie night (G-rated) and end at 8pm.

Questions?  Contact Pastor Emmy.


Family Faith

Once a month, during our regular “Faith Exploration” education time, we take the opportunity to come together as one “family” made up of many families (parents and kids, grandparents and great-aunts and grandsons, single folks, couples, and every other shade of family) to explore our faith together through questions, conversation, and art.

October 23, 2016:  How do we read the Bible?

November 20, 2016:  How does the season of Advent help us “get ready” for Christmas?

January 15, 2017:  Why do we pray?

February 19, 2017:  Who is God?

April 2, 2017:  Faith Fair with Confirmands

May 21, 2017:  What does it mean to be “freed in Christ”?