Church To Go for June 25, 2017: Acts 8:26-40


Reading for June 25, 2017: Acts 8:26-40, the baptism of the Ethiopian eunuch


– Eunuchs were men who couldn’t have children and often were servants of royal women (Esther 2:8-15)

– Eunuchs were barred from the temple (Deuteronomy 23:1)

– The eunuch in this story is reading Isaiah 53:7-8

– God proclaims a welcome for eunuchs through the prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 56:1-8)

– The eunuch asks, “What is to prevent me from being baptized?” Technically: everything! His race, his religion, his body. And yet Philip baptizes him!

– How is Jesus talked about in this story?

– Tradition connects this eunuch with “Simeon the Black” in Acts 13:1, and supposedly he takes the gospel to Ethiopia.

– What does this story sound like to someone excluded from church?


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Church to Go for June 18, 2017: Acts 6:1-16, 7:51-8:1

Reading for June 18, 2017: Acts 6:1-16, 7:51-8:1 the story of Stephen: service and sacrifice


– The Jesus community collects and shares resources based on need — see Acts 2:43-47, Acts 4:32-37.

– The seven chosen to serve are Greek — just like the widows being neglected. What does that tell us about how to respond to the problems of people “not like us”?

– Stephen’s speech in Acts 7:1-50 is a summary of Jewish faith.

– The Jewish council (or “Sanhedrin”) was the highest authority on their religious matters.

– Similar false accusations are made against Jesus — like in Matthew 26:59-61.

– What was the council so afraid of?

– What gifts does Stephen have? What gifts do YOU have?


Audio of “improv sermon” based on questions and thoughts submitted by the congregation!


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Church To Go for June 11, 2017: Acts 3:1-21

Reading for June 11, 2017: Acts 3:1-21

– Who was Solomon? From the book of First Kings 1-11, we know he was the son of King David, and became both wealthy and wise. Solomon was the last king of a united Israel, and built the First Temple.

– What makes this miracle possible? Is it Peter’s power? the beggar’s faith? magic? Peter’s faith? something else?

– How does Peter talk about Jesus?

– What would the story of this miracle sound like to someone with a disability?

– Jesus also healed a paralytic in Luke 5:17-26.

– What do you think “universal restoration” means?



Questions were collected before worship, and here is the resulting sermon!


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LKFS Clothing Swap Benefit!

Clean out your closets and attics and join us for a clothing swap to benefit the Little Kitchen Food Shelf!

Bring your clean & gently used clothing and accessories (shoes, purses, jewelry, etc). We’ll have labeled tables so you can sort your items by size. Then check out what others have brought! We’ll have some changing spaces available if you want to try things on.

Take home anything that works for you. Whatever isn’t claimed will be donated to the Little Kitchen Food Shelf garage sale on Friday and Saturday. This garage sale benefits our no-restrictions no-boundaries food shelf serving up to 800 households per month.