Art-A-Whirl 2019: Join Us!

Art-A-Whirl is a big, festive open studio tour sponsored by the Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association that takes place annually in NE Minneapolis. In 2019, Grace Lutheran Church will be hosting a traveling high school art show, along with the third year of our annual All-Ages Hands-On Community Art project, Shoebox City!

In our sanctuary space throughout May, we’ll have the traveling exhibit “Who Is God?”, featuring high school artists from around the Twin Cities area reflecting on the nature of the divine.

Then on the final day of Art-A-Whirl we launch our third annual all-ages community art project: building a box city. We’ll have art and craft supplies of every kind and tons of cardboard — the rest is up to you! What does a city need? Skyscrapers, houses, a library, a school? How about a waterpark or a zoo or even a dinosaur exhibit? Maybe your kids want to grow up to be firefighters, or animal doctors, or archeologists…. so let’s build a fire station, a vet clinic, and a big box of dirt to dig in. Let’s build an amazing city together!

Sunday, May 19, noon – 5pm