Advent Devotions, Week Two

Advent Devotions, Week Two

Sunday, December 9th
On the second Sunday of Advent, we read the story of the angel Gabriel’s announcement to Mary. When you light your two Advent candles, think about the angels we reflected on during the past week. How is Gabriel’s impossible message to Mary an example of good news?

Monday, December 10th
Our second week of Advent takes us to the magi, the “wise men” who traveled from a mysterious land in the East to follow a bright star (Matthew 2:1-6). They believed it would lead them to a king. If you were going on a journey to meet a new king (or a president!) that you didn’t know much about, what would you take?

Tuesday, December 11th
The wise men brought three gifts: gold, frankincense, and myrrh (Matthew 2:11). These are not normal gifts for a baby, but they are good gifts for a king, who the wise men would expect to be surrounded by riches and perfume all his life. What was Jesus surrounded with instead? What do you think happened to the gifts after this story?

Wednesday, December 12th
The wise men’s dedication, generosity, and courage remind us, too, what it looks like to follow Jesus. Of those three, what do you think you have in abundance? What do you wish you had more of?

Thursday, December 13th
This coming Sunday is a big one: our Christmas pageant plus Undie Sunday! Don’t forget to pick up a pack of NEW socks or underwear to give to the Drawer, who will distribute it to people in need.

Friday, December 14th
As we rush through the final days before Christmas, take a moment to pray for those who won’t have everything they want, or even need. When you light your candles, pray for the poor, the sick, and the homeless, that all may feel love in whatever way it finds them.

Saturday, December 15th
Tonight is our monthly free Community Dinner—a time when we give back to the community around us by providing a delicious meal and a warm space with kind hearts. Tonight is extra-special as we gather not just for a meal but for carol singing after dinner. Join us at 5:30pm!