Advent Devotions, Week One

Sunday, December 2nd
This year, our Advent devotions at Grace will focus on the “cast of characters” ‘round the manger: the angels, the wise men, and the shepherds. As you light the first candle in your wreath, think back: did you ever play any of these characters in a Christmas pageant? Which one? What do you remember about them?

Monday, December 3rd
Angels play a big role in the Christmas story. We usually think of them with long robes, big white wings, and golden halos. But the Bible doesn’t really tell us much about how they looked. If you were going to deliver a message from God, what would you want to wear?

Tuesday, December 4th
Read through this coming Sunday’s story, Luke 1:26-38. What do you notice? What do you wonder about? What surprises you?

Wednesday, December 5th
When angels appear to Mary (Luke 1:26-38) and to the shepherds (Luke 2:8-20), their first words are “Do not be afraid.” Why do you think the angels begin this way? Where do you need to hear “do not be afraid” in your life?

Thursday, December 6th
The angels that appear to the shepherds say “On earth, peace, goodwill among people” (Luke 2:14). What do you think a world of peace and goodwill would look like? How can you spread a little more peace and goodwill today?

Friday, December 7th
Angels are often bringers of good news—sometimes shocking, always life-changing. Who has been an angel in your life, someone whose words or actions have changed you for the better? Send them a note to say thank you.

Saturday, December 8th
It’s one of the last Saturdays before Christmas and you may hurrying through errands, frantically cleaning, or worrying where to get that last perfect gift. Remember to slow down and to keep an eye out for people who need an angel—someone who can offer a kind word or just a smile to make a very busy time a little easier.