Advent Devotions, Week Three

Sunday, December 16th
Sometimes the greatest wisdom comes from the mouths of children. The Christmas story in particular puts children at the center: a teenage mother, shepherds young enough to sleep in the fields, angels of all kinds come to sing praises, and of course, a child born in a manger. Join us for worship at 10am for our annual youth Christmas program on this third Sunday of Advent, bring your donations of socks and underwear, and light your third candle today!

Monday, December 17th
This week we remember the shepherds — smelly, dirty, commoners who received the greatest news of all: the birth of Jesus. Who is unexpected and often forgotten in our world today? How do you think they experience good news?

Tuesday, December 18th
The shepherds were interrupted in the midst of their important work of keeping the sheep safe from wolves and thieves. How do you feel when you’re interrupted? Set an intention today to be open to being interrupted, and follow where that interruption sends you!

Wednesday, December 19th
The shepherds’ story in Luke 2:1-20 doesn’t tell us if the shepherds took their sheep with them to the manger. It would have been a lot of work to get them moving, but a lot of danger to leave them behind. What do you think — did they or didn’t they?

Thursday, December 20th
Christmas is only five days away!!! Are you feeling stressed yet??? It’s okay to say no to something when you need to rest and recharge. Find one thing in your calendar that you could say no to, and take that time instead to rest, breathe, and practice joy.

Friday, December 21st
There are many who can’t leave their work behind even for Christmas: doctors and nurses, retail and food service workers, parents and caregivers, and many more. Pray for those who long for rest.

Saturday, December 22nd
Today can be a frantic day in stores and malls. If you’re out and about, make sure to take your time. Drive carefully and be kind to those you meet — especially the overworked employees.